Nature's help for headache, migraine sufferers

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Nature's help for headache, migraine sufferers Empty Nature's help for headache, migraine sufferers

Post by Tee on Sun Apr 08, 2012 5:49 am

By Femi Kusa 05/04/2012 00:00:00

As a teenager, my sister, who will be 60 in September, was a migraine sufferer, until our maternal grandfather recalled her to the village for a herbal cure. So was German Dr. Marx Gerson, now of blessed memory, until a medical lay person in the hospital where he worked showed him a solution in fruits and vegetable juices. Dr. Gerson was to discover that, through their blood cleansing and alkalinising effects, these juices not only cured his migraine, but could cure some cancers as well. When the American Congress learned of how he had helped about 50 cases of cancer and cured even tuberculosis with this regimen, it invited him for a hearing that would have paved the way for government funding of his research and work. But, unfortunately, the lobby of the drugs companies caused the defeat of a vote in this regard by two ballots! My maternal grandfather was unsung in a country where everyone hid and took away with him or her in death special knowledge of medicinal plants. He gave my sister a leaf at sunrise which she placed on her head and kept there till sunset with a headscarf. At sunset, she buried the leaf. And, till this day, a space of about 40 years, that was the end of her migraine

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