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Your view on migraines and social media

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Your view on migraines and social media Empty Your view on migraines and social media

Post by Tee Fri Feb 10, 2017 4:17 am

Dear all

I have been asked to represent the migraine patient community at a large pharmaceutical conference in Amsterdam. Who are in the third phase trial for a new migraine preventative, the first in fact to be designed specifically for migraines.

They have asked me to talk on ways to bridge the gap between sufferers and pharmaceuticals companies via web/social media. Whilst I have a view on this and a number of the migraine charities are helping provide research, I would value your opinions too. So can I ask.

1 Why did you join a migraine forum?

2 Have you found it useful?

3 Why did do you feel online support from fellow patients is important?

4 What other online support groups do you use? And which format is the most useful?

5 How do you think a pharmaceutical company could engage with us better?

Thank you


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