New iPhone app for migraine sufferers

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New iPhone app for migraine sufferers Empty New iPhone app for migraine sufferers

Post by Tee on Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:11 am

A new application for the iPhone has been launched that is aimed at helping migraine sufferers to document symptoms.

The new app, called the Migraine Notebook, will enable those who suffer with severe and frequent migraines to log the frequency and severity of their migraines, as well as details such as when they occur, how long they last for and what the circumstances were surrounding the onset. Patients will also be able to state when they took their medication and whether a repeat dose was required.

Dr Merle Diamond, of the Diamond Headache Centre in Chicago, said: One of the biggest issues in medicine is how you communicate with your doctor.

This app gives us a window of communication which I think is really important in treating headaches. For example, it allows me to prepare questions about how they are using the medication.

It is hoped that the app will help patients and doctors to communicate more efficiently which will help to prescribe treatment and give advice on minimising the occurrence of migraines.

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