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Botox media volunteers needed - Migraine Action  Empty Botox media volunteers needed - Migraine Action

Post by Tee on Fri Feb 17, 2012 6:11 am

I have been in contact with the Migraine Action charity today and below it their response to the draft NICE report on BOTOX for migraine.....

Allergen (the makers of Botox) and the various migarine groups are doing a lot behind the scenes to get data ready for the June final decision - so there is still hope

However YOU can help............ Migraine Action have already had a vast media interest in this story and it will grow as the June date approaches.......... so they are now gathering together potential case studies in order to respond to media requests quickly......

If you are a chronic migraineur who has undergone Botox treatment for your chronic migraine, or has been told by their healthcare professional that this treatment may help you but you have been unable to have treatment, they would love to hear from you. They need people who are willing to speak to journalists from newspapers, radio and TV on this issue - they do nothing without your permission and you see anything before its printed - YOU decide what you want to do - But this is ALL awareness building. And I am happy to help you if you want any help. In the first instance please Email or call Rachel and let her know you are happy to be a media contact - email: or call Rachel on 0116 275 8317

Shared with the kind permission of Migraine Action's media centre - Posted 16/02/12

Today (16th February) the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) as has published its draft guidance on whether the NHS should offer BOTOX® as a preventative treatment for chronic migraine, which it has been asked to assess with regards to effectiveness as a treatment and its economic suitability.

This has been reported widely in the media, including the Daily Mail. (Please click on the links below to read the news articles).

This draft report has asked the manufacturers of BOTOX® (Allergan) to provide more information on the treatment as currently the independent committee of experts does not believe that the evidence provided is sufficient for it to develop guidance for the NHS. Without this additional information NICE has stated that it is not inclined to recommend BOTOX® as a treatment option. They have suggested that they are currently unable to advise the NHS that the drug offers good value for money and believe it has too many uncertainties. They state that until they publish their final findings (in June) NHS bodies should continue to make decisions locally on the funding of the treatment for specific patients.

To read the NICE press release click here -

In response to this interim report, Joanna Hamilton-Colclough, Director of Migraine Action, says:

"Since the licence was granted in 2010 for BOTOX® as a preventative treatment for chronic migraine few patients who may benefit have been able to access the treatment via the NHS due to the lack of a NICE assessment of its clinical and cost effectiveness. Few PCTs will currently fund the treatment and those that do often do so only on a named patient basis after appeal. There is likely to be very little NHS availability of BOTOX® unless a favourable decision from NICE is reached, and therefore the results of this interim report are disappointing.

"We regularly hear from patients for whom traditional treatments have not worked and chronic migraine is having a severe impact on their personal and professional life. Their distress is compounded if their healthcare team believes that BOTOX® could be the answer yet they are unable to access the treatment. Whilst a few are able to fund the treatment privately, for most this means continued suffering.

"BOTOX® may be seen as an expensive treatment, but we believe that in reality it can actually be very cost effective for chronic migraine patients, who are often unable to work, try other treatments unsuccessfully, need repeat consultations with their healthcare team and may need to visit A&E departments. We have some members whose lives are so improved by this treatment that they are planning to return to work or are looking forward to their first holiday in years.

"If NICE recommends the BOTOX® treatment then many more patients who could gain real benefit may have access to the treatment and we believe that chronic migraine patients recommended for BOTOX® by their healthcare professionals should be offered that opportunity. Migraine Action, along with many other organisations and professionals, will continue to be involved in the consultation process and we hope that the final NICE report findings will be more favourable.

"However, it is also important to remember that BOTOX® is not a miracle cure which is suitable or will work for everyone and it is essential that treatment is undertaken by professionals trained specifically in this procedure and to recognised standards".

Dr Andrew Dowson, Chairman of Migraine Action's Medical Advisory Board, Director of Headache Services at King's College Hospital, London and Chairman of MIPCA, Migraine and Primary Care Advisors), a professional interest group for primary care, has used BOTOX® in his private practice (Surrey Headache Service, Guildford) for over ten years adds: "This NICE report is only an interim finding and it is hoped that after continued clarification, consultation and input from the manufacturers and other organisations that the final outcome will be more positive."

We will continue to update you on this issue and on NICE's final recommendations due in June.

Migraine Action has a 'Migraine and BOTOX®' leaflet available for migraineurs who want to find out more about this preventative treatment for chronic migraine which can be ordered via its online shop here.-

For more information on the campaign for BOTOX® as a preventative treatment for chronic migraine click here.

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