New Specialist Headache Nurse Service launched by Migraine Action

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New Specialist Headache Nurse Service launched by Migraine Action Empty New Specialist Headache Nurse Service launched by Migraine Action

Post by Tee on Wed Jan 11, 2012 9:26 am

Having supported migraineurs for over 50 years, we know that many migraineurs find it extremely difficult to access help from a migraine specialist and can be left to battle with their migraine alone.

To address this and as part of our commitment to empowering migraineurs to take control of their migraine, we have recently launched a new 'Specialist Headache Nurse Service'.

Rebecca Salt, a registered nurse with a diploma in nursing and 12 years experience as a research sister and specialist headache nurse, is now available to give (non-prescribing) telephone advice and information to migraineurs who are struggling to manage their condition or who need specialist advice on medications and treatment.

The service aims to empower you with the knowledge and understanding to help you manage your condition more effectively and work with your existing healthcare team to minimise the impact of migraine on your life.

To access the service (and get the most benefit) you must:

Have a migraine diagnosis / are struggling to obtain an accurate diagnosis from your GP.
Want to understand more about your diagnosis
Take medication for your migraine
Struggle to manage your migraine and symptoms

There is a nominal charge of £10.00 for members to access the Specialist Headache Nurse Service. Non-members can also access the service at a cost of £30.00, or for just a further £5 can also join as a member (Annual Migraine Action membership £25, £10 service charge).

To access the Specialist Headache Nurse Service please click here.

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