Migraine Action's January Newsletter is now available online!

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Migraine Action's January Newsletter  is now available online! Empty Migraine Action's January Newsletter is now available online!

Post by Tee on Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:30 pm

The latest issue of our newsletter, Challenging Migraine, is now available online and includes the following articles:

Migraine and food: this 4 page supplement looks at how food intolerances are linked to migraine and how they can be managed.

Migraine and the Greater Occipital Nerve: looks at how this nerve is implicated in migraine and discusses treatment options.

Current research: into olfactory hallucinations.

Fundraising: information on how you can get involved and how to join the new 'MA lottery' with the chance to win ££££s.

Equality for migraineurs: looks at how the Equality Act 2010 protects migraineurs.

Member feedback:
Migraine diet cure linked to candida and other pathogen overgrowth.

Living with migraine: more feedback from our members on their migraine experiences including an article on migraine and blood pressure.


As always, there is a black and white version also available


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