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Pay Attention To Vitamin B12 Empty Pay Attention To Vitamin B12

Post by Tee on Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:51 am

VITAMINS, BY definition, are substances that are essential to our health but which the body itself cannot manufacture. Vitamin B12 is one of the B vitamins that play important roles in the metabolism of every cell. B12 refers to cobalt-containing compounds known as cobalamins of which cyanocobalamin is the most popular.

Vitamin B12 needs special attention because it is involved in so many bodily processes. Sadly, research in the United States of America has shown that 25 per cent of adults were clearly deficient, while 50 per cent had borderline levels of B12 in their blood. In the UK, studies now show that up to 40 per cent of the population are deficient in vitamin B12.

B12 and your Nervous System

Our nerves may be compared to electrical wires that are wrapped in an insulating sheath made from a substance called myelin. Vitamin B12 is necessary for the production of myelin and healthy nerves. A damaged myelin sheath leads to short circuiting and electrical static in our nervous system.

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