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Skull implant controls migraines Empty Skull implant controls migraines

Post by Tee on Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:11 am

Ruth Callaghan, The West Australian
November 25, 2011

Beth Briscoe had experienced migraines on and off since she was a teenager - but the injuries she sustained in a car accident in her 40s made things far worse.

For 10 years she experienced frequent and significant migraines that were enough to stop her in her tracks.

"Immediately after the accident the migraines were very bad. But then my migraine pattern changed," she says.

"I was told by a specialist that it had turned into 'transformed migraine' - not as severe levels of pain but definitely more frequent. I was also told I had occipital neuralgia because of whiplash and that pain from the damaged occipital nerve stirred up and added to migraine.

"It looked like long term I was going to have to learn to live with pain."

It was after Mrs Briscoe read a story about the wife of swimmer Kieran Perkins, who had an occipital nerve stimulator surgically implanted, that she began to consider the same option.

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