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It pains kids too - news article by Paediatric Dr M Narayanan

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It pains kids too  - news article by Paediatric Dr M Narayanan Empty It pains kids too - news article by Paediatric Dr M Narayanan

Post by Tee on Mon Sep 26, 2011 4:39 am

Sep 18, 2011, 03.09am IST
Paediatric migraine|Dr M Narayanan

KOCHI: When a three-year-old complains of headache, most parents would tend to ignore it, but doctors warn that this headache could be paediatric migraine which now affects children even before they turn one. And the cases are not rare in the city for paediatricians to raise concern about this trend and its implications.

Also, the cause is not difficult to be found. Along with genetics, the new generation mix of a diet rich with fast food and cocoa products, excess TV viewing and lack of sleep are playing havoc with the health of tiny tots.

Paediatric migraine is considered one of the most prevalent childhood disorders in many countries. And of late it has become a cause of concern for many children and parents in the state.

"If one of the parents has migraine, the chances for the children to get affected by it is high. Changes in diet and lifestyle only add to the woes. Cases have been reported for children as young as one-year-old," says paediatrician Dr M Narayanan.

In many cases, the migraine that occurs around the age of one disappears when the child is 10. Complications occur only in very rare cases. In classic migraine, the pain appears once in a month or so. In some cases, the child may feel weak before the headache appears.

"Some cases may go undiagnosed and can create problems for blood vessels, but such cases are rare," says Dr Narayanan.

Medicines to reduce the headache, preventive medicines and changes in lifestyle are part of the treatment often prescribed by doctors.


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