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Weather Aches And Pains

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Weather Aches And Pains Empty Weather Aches And Pains

Post by Tee on Tue Dec 13, 2011 6:00 am

6:29 am CST December 2, 2011

From asthma and arthritis - to headaches and heart disease - weather changes can trigger aches and pains for people with chronic health conditions.

The key factors that contribute to discomfort: air pressure, humidity and temperature.

Fronts and storms bring sharp changes in those categories, and that can trigger migraines for some people. In areas with stable, dry weather, migraine rates are lower than in areas that get frequent fronts and storms. So which state has the lowest migraine rates in the nation? Sunny, dry Arizona.

For people with arthritis, quick drops in temperature and humidity can intensify joint pain. Cold, damp weather is known to stiffen joints and cause discomfort for people with joint replacements - researchers have long found a correlation between weather changes and joint pain.

Thunderstorms can spell trouble for people with asthma. Updrafts in thunderstorms can transport pollen grains across wide areas - and that pollen can get into your airways.

Cold air can also cause problems. Airways swell in reaction to cool air that's inhaled - so people with asthma can find frigid temperatures especially uncomfortable.


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