Today's neurologist appointment

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Today's neurologist appointment Empty Today's neurologist appointment

Post by Miyah on Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:04 am

Woke up with a big migraine Sunday morning, following along with every cloud has a silver lining, I thought the chances would be slim for a big one today... alas!! Not the case - Naproxen has taken the edge of it but I dare not take sumatriptan again today so I am just going to be strong and go to bed early and hope for a better day tomorrow.

Managed to get my daughter off to nursery - she picked her own clothes and also decided to tip cornflakes out on the living room floor because it made a funny noise when she walked on it. Rolling Eyes one thing migraine has taught is 'live and let live' - so we got 'cereal sensory room' in the living quarters at the moment and I actually don't care!!! Birthday

I saw my neurologist and had barely sat down before bursting into tears - it also took me a while to get up from the chair in the waiting area and walk into the consultation room. Felt like an old lady. Shocked

He suggested topimirate (topamax) as I thought he would and at that moment I would have agreed to anything to be honest - seeing as it looks like the pregabalin (lyrica) effect, although AMAZING to begin with has now tapered off. But after I told him about the patterns, my prodrome and post-drome of severe depression/aggression/sadness, numbness, tingling and the fact that it is still chronic he said that it was a bit beyond his expertise and he thought it would be a good idea to refer me to a specialist clinic in London cheers

I really appreciate the fact he said it was beyond him instead of just packing me off with a new prescription. I asked for antidepressants and he said that perhaps in the 3 months waiting before I can be seen in London it was better to stay on the pregabalin and start on amitriptylin on top and see how I get on - then leave the decision about preventative medication for the clinic.

I asked for a full range of blood tests - he said nothing would show up but if I wanted it that was fine. I know they will all come back fine but because I feel ill ALL the time and only have euphoric (which doesn't feel real either..) glimpses of happiness and normal life, who knows what is going on with my main body? Liver, kidneys etc I just thought it would be nice for peace of mind. So had that done at the hospital before calling work and saying I was not coming in. Have had a little lie down and feel more 'together' but the dull pounding in my head combined with the nausea *sigh* Freak yuck could really do without it!

I live on the memories of Saturday where my head felt clear and spent the day with friends and went to a pick your own farm and we ate our bodyweight in peas and strawberries it was such a good day. I can't imagine what it must feel like for normal people that have experiences like that every weekend... sunny

I am feeling positive and completed my goals for the visit - they were only small but I wanted:

  • Antidepressants - flagging up my mental health

  • Discussion about next step prophylaxis wise

  • Blood tests

  • Knowing that I would be listened to and my treatment plan would be reviewed/monitored

I think that is very reasonable! And I hope these wishes will come true when I come under the care of a specialist clinic.

Sorry for the long post I really needed to share this with you all - upwards and onwards!! Strength and Honour!!

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Today's neurologist appointment Empty Re: Today's neurologist appointment

Post by Laura on Tue Jun 26, 2012 4:10 am

Thank you for sharing. It is good to read about how others manage their medical care. But I am so sorry about the terrible attack but glad you had a good visit with your doctor and that he knows his limits. I hope you and the new specialist make some progress.

You are so fortunate to have a doctor can work with you even when you have a break down. I had a doctor who just didn't like dealing with me when that happened. He also wore cologne, a trigger for me. I refuse to go back to him and have arranged my own appointment with a specialist in Houston. She's booked so far out that I am waiting 4 months to see her. i hope that is an indication that she is good. I need to write out the goals for my appointment, as you did.

I was just reading a couple of articles that discuss migraine and mood swings. They said that a drop in serotonin contributes to this. My mom comments on my changes in mood - so I sent her an article about this. I want her to know it is nothing personal, just my screwed up biology. I think it also helps explain my carb cravings - since carb loading boosts serotonin. Doesn't help my waistline any though.

It is so good that you can just blow off the cereal on the floor. I have such a hard time bending over and picking up things. When the kitties knock papers down they will just stay there on the floor for days. I struggle to accept that the housekeeping is just not happening.

Best of luck. --Laura


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