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Ignoring persistent headache may lead to migraine

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Ignoring persistent headache may lead to migraine Empty Ignoring persistent headache may lead to migraine

Post by Tee on Sun Sep 04, 2011 8:12 pm

I know I am guilty of this - but when I had loads and I mean loads and loads of headaches as a teen - they just kept giving me aspirin - which resulted in stomach ulcers!!!!! Maybe some doctors should read this too lol

TNN Sep 2, 2011, 10.39pm IST

VARANASI: Ignoring persistent headache during early stages of life can be dangerous as it may turn into migraine (one of the severe forms of headaches). If neurologists are to be believed, this painful condition that can persist for 72 hours is aggravated by lack of awareness, especially among young patients who ignore the triggering factors.

The migraine (severe headache) is more than a neurological problem and there are a number of external stimuli including exposure to sunlight and perfumes (even foul odour) that aggravate the condition. Though, the condition is not fatal, it has high morbidity and promises to cause loss of productive life. There are symptomatic treatments for the condition, but a full-fledged cure and treatment is yet to be devised to root out the condition which usually subsides after 50 years of age, says Deepika Joshi, head, department of neurology, Banaras Hindu University.

As per reports of OPD of the department, more than 60% patients of headache-related problems suffer from migraine. A majority of them belong to east UP region and neighbouring Bihar state. The department witnesses turn out of around 1,200 patients in three days of OPD services in a week, a majority of which are of migraine.

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