WHO Reports Worldwide Problems with Migraine and Headache Care

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WHO Reports Worldwide Problems with Migraine and Headache Care Empty WHO Reports Worldwide Problems with Migraine and Headache Care

Post by Tee on Wed May 11, 2011 8:01 am

A really interesting report by the World Health Oragbnisation on the impact of migraine. One I hope the governement will take note of


May 10th, 2011 - Posted by Teri Robert

“Headache disorders, including migraine and tension-type headache, are among the most prevalent disorders of mankind.” That statement was among the findings of a new report issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Lifting the Burden, Atlas of Headache Disorders and Resources in the World 2011.

Other key findings of the report:

“Worldwide, migraine on its own is the cause of 1.3 % of all years of life lost to disability (YLD s). The burden of all headache disorders is substantially higher according to a systematic review of the published literature. Health-policy makers everywhere therefore need to be well informed about headache disorders in their countries. Yet, in many countries, and at least four of the six WHO regions, there are gaps in the knowledge needed to inform health-care policy. More high-quality epidemiological studies are required in order to fill these.”1

Between 1.7 and 4% of the adult population have a headache or Migraine 15 or more days a month.

Most people with Migraine and other headache disorders are not diagnosed by a doctor.

Migraine, tension-type headache, and the combination of the two are the top three reasons people consult a doctor for headache.

Among Migraine abortive medications, ergotamines are more widely available than triptans. Triptans are considered less toxic, but are more expensive.

Non-availability of appropriate medications was found to be a barrier to Migraine and headache management in all countries, regardless of income categories. This was most likely referring to limited reimbursement by insurance.

“Lack of knowledge among health-care providers is the principal clinical barrier to effective headache management. This problem begins in medical schools where there is limited teaching on the subject, a consequence of the low priority accorded to it.”1

Worldwide, formal undergraduate medical training included just four hours about headache and Migraine; specialist training included 10 hours.

National professional organizations dedicated to headache disorders exists in tow-thirds of the countries responding with a marked difference between high- and upper middle-income and low-income countries.


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