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Migraine Medication Telcagepant is Officially Dead

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Migraine Medication Telcagepant is Officially Dead Empty Migraine Medication Telcagepant is Officially Dead

Post by Tee on Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:34 am

August 1st, 2011 - Posted by Diana Lee

Last April I reported on Somebody Heal Me that drug manufacturer Merck was putting it’s troubled migraine treatment medication telcagepant through another clinical safety study.

Merck had withdrawn its FDA application for telcagepant in 2009 after a previous safety study showed patients taking it experienced elevated liver enzymes. Now telcagepant is officially dead.

Merck announced quietly last week in it’s quarterly earnings release that for the second time in two years it is dumping an acute migraine medication in development. (The other was MK-3207, which was also a CGRP receptor antagonist.) They did not specify precisely why they’ve given up on telcagepant, but it seems safe to assume it’s related to the known issues with elevation of patient liver enzymes.


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