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Methysergide Empty Methysergide

Post by stargirl on Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:17 am

Has anyone tried this? After a visit to the neurologist he has suggested I try this drug (pretty much last chance saloon when it comes to preventative treatment and I have exhausted all others, due to the possible side effects) but am at the stage where it is weighing up the risks of taking other drugs to treat a migraine rather than taking medication to prevent one. Between a rock and a hard place. And if I have risks either way, I would prefer to have the risk and no migraine. (now that would be a dream!)


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Methysergide Empty Re: Methysergide

Post by whitzendJane on Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:52 am

I was on the cusp of trying this but due to my liver levels becoming raised it was no longer an option for me.
I know of people who have tried it and had good results. A lot depends (as always) on your tolerance levels to the medication and the side effects..but as you rightly mentioned when you are at this stage of the game you have to weigh things up carefully.

I don't know if your doc told you that (in the UK that is) you will have to come off the drug after a certain period of time (6mths seems to ring a bell). You stop taking it, have a break (a drug holiday)..then if alls well you start it up again. My neuro was very specific that I would HAVE to have this enforced break in treatment to avoid complications..and this is the case for everyone.

Like everything I know people who have had excellent results with this drug and some who have found it hard to tolerate. But it's the same with any drug and everyone has their own experience.

I am sure if you do an internet search you'll find many scary stories..however remember very few people actually post good experiences about drugs on the net...usually because those people are out enjoying that type of research into drug efficacy can be somewhat flawed in my humble opinion. Wink

Its a very personal choice and many factors influence our decisions..I wish you all the very best of luck..please let us know how you get on.


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