Percy Harvin optimistic migraine problem has been solved

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Percy Harvin optimistic migraine problem has been solved Empty Percy Harvin optimistic migraine problem has been solved

Post by Tee on Mon Jun 20, 2011 5:27 am

It is shame he will not say how he was cured.....

PUBLISHED 23 hours and 33 minutes ago

Minnesota Vikings WR Percy Harvin, who has been dogged by migraine headaches for much of his life, says he hasn't had a migraine for five or six months and is cautiously optimistic that a solution has been found for the problem.

"This is the best I've felt, probably, since I've been in kindergarten," he said in an interview with The Virginian-Pilot.

Percy Harvin has struggled with migraines since childhood. (AP Photo)
Because of chronic migraine issues, Harvin has missed three games and numerous practices in his first two years with the Vikings. Though he didn't want to provide many details about the newfound relief, he revealed that issues in his neck had been corrected.

"I met a couple of doctors," Harvin said. "There were a couple of things they found in my neck that I won't get into—some things they found and fixed, along with diet and the rest of the things that can cause them.

"It's been great, and knock on wood, it'll continue."

Harvin, who is from Virginia Beach, Va., and was back in that area this weekend to host a football camp, has spent most of his time during the lockout in Gainesville, Fla., where he attended Florida. He said he is in the best shape of his career as a result of a regimen of swimming, weight lifting and running.

"My explosion is to a whole ’nother level,” he said. “My speed has gotten back to top-notch level, so I'm feeling great and really anticipating the season."

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