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Botox to treat migraines Empty Botox to treat migraines

Post by Tee on Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:18 am

By Susan Campbell, Health Reporter for

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - Beth Dew has suffered from debilitating migraines since she was 13-years-old. "I ususally get the loss of vision first," Dew said. "I'll be down for two or three days."

Dew went to numerous doctors and tried all kinds of migraine medications. Nothing seemed to work until Dr. S.A. Erzurum, of Eye Care Associates, suggested Botox injections.

"The more we learn about Botox, the more it seems to be a miracle drug for a lot of patients who haven't had other solutions," said Dr. Erzurum.

The drug, which is made of botulism, works by paralyzing muscles. That stops them from contracting. "Botox has a way of blocking these pain receptors and preventing the patients from entering these cycles," explained Dr. Erzurum.

To treat migraines, the injection pattern is slightly different than it is for cosmetic Botox treatments. Injections are done in front of the ears and across the brow area.

For Beth Dew, the treatments have meant relief she feared she'd never find. "I used to get one or two bad headaches a week, and now I get maybe one to two every three months," Dew said. "It has been a lifesaver for me."

Botox is not a permanent fix. Since it wears off, migraine sufferers generally need injections every 2.5 to three months.

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