1st June 2011

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1st June 2011 Empty 1st June 2011

Post by Tee on Thu Jun 02, 2011 1:41 am

Hi all

Well its been five days since the injections and things have finally begun to settle down, the shoulders and neck feel fine and the forehead is getting there - it still feels a little 'odd' - in that I go to make a facial expression and cannot move my forehead LOL can not do raised eyes look at the kids any more hmmmmmmmm Laughing Been practicing the scowl instead Cool

Pain wise things are a little better (might not be connected) but its early days yet - I was told 3 - 14 days to kick in. So a little longer yet.

Realised why I like fluarazine again this morning, started to get hayfever Sad

But I managed the cinema yesterday and came out OK - which is a first, normally come out and have to lay down. Saw Pirates of the Caribbean - shame it was not as good as the last one..... still would like to ask them to turn the sound down lol

Hope everyone is having better days and the weather is not causing to many problems?


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