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12th May NOT the Friday the 13th??

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12th May NOT the Friday the 13th?? Empty 12th May NOT the Friday the 13th??

Post by whitzendJane on Thu May 12, 2011 9:44 pm

Well I hate to think what tomorrow has in store if the 12th is like this!

I am having awful issues with son No 2 about getting to school and then when he comes home there are further refusals on every point possible. It been a constant battle all week with him. On Monday he had to be carried kicking and screaming onto the bus then when he got to the school he refused to get off it. He's shouting at me constantly. Today after choosing to go on the bus he refused to do so and after a long drawn out conversation he proceeded to headbutt me not just once but twice in the face. Not as bad as it perhaps sounds but as you can imagine it hurt very badly.

I did get him to school but am dreading collecting him now. Obviously he's going to be grounded and I can see he sounds like the most awful child in the world to those who don't know him..but he is a good kid on the whole and is having his own health problems to deal with..however..ARRRRGGGHHHH!!! I feel so frustrated with him right now.

Following on from that I am battling with an insurance claim relating to my inability to work, trying to renew buildings and contents (now abandoned) and have taken 3 calls and letters from various hospitals. Owen has an admittance coming up, I have 2 outpatients appointments in the next week (one tomorrow at the Chronic pain clinic) ..juggle, juggle....

My word I feel SO stressed! Panic..deep breath, gird loins..move on.



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12th May NOT the Friday the 13th?? Empty Re: 12th May NOT the Friday the 13th??

Post by Tee on Fri May 13, 2011 5:27 am

Oh poppet - what a day....

How was he when you picked him up?

Struggling with kids when you ill is not fun - and twins grrrrrrrrrrr - I understand.......... I would say go have a big drink - but I know - so once they are in bed go have a big bubble bath instead......... dream of that ship and the cabin boys lol

Will give you a call later on tonight

Big Hugs


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