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Chemicals in pond gave Dane migraine....

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Chemicals in pond gave Dane migraine.... Empty Chemicals in pond gave Dane migraine....

Post by Tee on Sat Mar 03, 2012 9:17 pm

Greg Martin | 18th February 2012
Dane Miller has fought back serious illness to once again display his skills on a football field.

THE teenager had the sporting world at his feet - and in his hands - a brilliant football player and a scratch handicap golfer.

But a wade through a pond on a golf course in search of dunked balls brought Dane Miller's sporting ambitions to an abrupt halt and ushered in years of pain and illness................. see link for more...

Highlight from article...

"I was working at the club part-time and unknown to me the pond had recently been treated with chemicals and no one was supposed to go into the water for a month," Dane said.

The chemicals infiltrated Dane's skin and led to him suffering "migraine-type headaches" for nearly three years and caused damage to nerve endings in the lower half of his body, especially around the hips.

"It took medical people about three months to determine the cause of my illness and I was in and out of hospital for two and a half years before I finally started to see some light at the end of the tunnel in making a recovery," he explained.


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