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The Truth About Chocolate Empty The Truth About Chocolate

Post by Tee on Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:44 am

05 December 2011 - Anna Raymond

After the over-indulgence of Christmas – we can all just about fit back into the jeans we were wearing last year, and we might even be thinking about the bikini we want to wear for this year’s summer holiday! However, the next big feeding frenzy is coming upon us – Valentine’s Day! And, with that comes chocolate in all shapes and forms, and plenty of it

For most of us, chocolate is a naughty treat that doesn’t usually fit in with our healthy eating regimens. However, more recently there has been a lot of press coverage about the supposed health benefits that chocolate can offer us, hence convincing us as the consumers to purchase more of a product that surely is good for us? But, before we start myth busting, perhaps we should remind ourselves what exactly is chocolate and why does it taste so good??

What is it?

It is thanks to the discovery of the cocoa bean in 1502 when Christopher Columbus arrived on Caribbean shores and was offered cocoa beans in exchange for other goods. He took the beans back to Europe, but didn’t know what to do with them so tossed them to one side. Thankfully another explorer brought more beans back many years after that, and chocolate was discovered.

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