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hello- new to group Empty hello- new to group

Post by angie on Sat Oct 15, 2011 8:28 am

hi all,
ive been having migrains really bad for about 2/3 years, tried all the tablets which didnt work! the severity of my migrains concerned me so much as i felt like i was dying, so the doctor refered me to have an MRI scan at the hospital, GOOD news was i didnt have a brain tumour, but the report came back as i have white lesions in my brain!
i dont fully understand wot that means but the doc said it means that most people with chronic migrains have white lesions in the brain! but i havent been given any more information about this and how it will go on to effect me. atm im on sodium valporate 200mg tablet twice a day, i feel so tired and whilst i havent had a major attack i have a constant headack and stiff neck.
will need to go back to the doctors next week as ive had lots of blood tests done as i have other health problems too; i am coeliac too which means im elergic to wheat and only 7 stone in weight! i have no iron in me nor vitamins so i have to have injections every 3 months of vitamin B12 to help my immune system.
Back to my migrains, i dunno if i can cope long term on these sodium valporate as im so tired, but the docs said ive tried everything else Sad


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hello- new to group Empty Re: hello- new to group

Post by Tee on Sat Oct 15, 2011 10:08 am

Hello and welcome.

So sorry you are suffering. I understand the tiredness- I liked Flunarazine but had to give it up in the end due to the constant need for sleep Sad

I too have a wheat in tolerance - not as bad as coeliac - but same foods to avoid - but I am soo much better without the wheat and do not miss it at all.

Bummer about the the vitamins thought - how are your mineral levels? A lack of minerals- ie iodine, magnesium, zinc can be a big trigger for migs?

We have a few people in here with the white lesions - so you are not alone there.

What kind of migs do you get and how often?

Tee x

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hello- new to group Empty Re: hello- new to group

Post by Sarah on Mon Oct 17, 2011 6:04 am

Hi and welcome. Smile

Have you tried lactoferrin tablets for the iron? It's a way of making use of iron from food. There is lots of information on it if you Google, which will explain better than I can.

Also, have you tried sublingual vitamin B12 tablets? You might find it helps supplement the injections. I'm currently taking these. You can also buy supplements with intrinsic factor in them, in order to absorb vitamin B12 better.

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hello- new to group Empty Re: hello- new to group

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