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The general Do's and Dont's of managing a headache

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The general Do's and Dont's of managing a headache Empty The general Do's and Dont's of managing a headache

Post by Tee Tue May 24, 2011 8:21 pm


• Eat balanced meals three times a day with healthy snacks in between to make sure your body gets the nutrients and energy it needs.

• Put an ice pack on your forehead to help narrow swollen arteries and relieve tension headaches.

• Avoid bright flashing lights. A television or computer screen can also contribute to a headache.

• Breathe deeply – this promotes relaxation, relieves tension and provides more oxygen to the blood vessels.

• Massage your neck and shoulders or have it done by a therapist.

• Stretch for at least five minutes a day to loosen stiff muscles. Stretch your neck and jaw muscles carefully and gently.

• Keep a headache diary: take note of when the headache started, how long it lasted and what you consumed that could have triggered it.

• Exercise regularly to relieve tension and stimulate circulation


• Skip meals. Keep your blood sugar levels stable by eating regularly and at least three times a day.

• Take too many painkillers. Your body becomes accustomed to them and they can make headaches worse in the long run.

• Lose out on sleep. Fatigue is a major cause of headaches, so aim to sleep seven or eight hours a night.

• Sleep on your stomach or in any position that causes muscle spasms in your neck.

• Eat any foods or drinks that have been identified as triggers (eg coffee, chocolate or alcohol). But remember, only about 20 per cent of sufferers have identifiable migraine triggers.


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