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How Do Migraine Headaches Affect Pregnancy

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How Do Migraine Headaches Affect Pregnancy Empty How Do Migraine Headaches Affect Pregnancy

Post by Tee on Thu May 19, 2011 4:13 am

Whenever I read anything about migraine and pregnancy - I always think - why can they not just give us the hormones you get in pregnancy? I have had 3 pregnancies and in all cases all my migraines went - utter bliss - so why not mimic the hormones you get when pregnant - or it that too easy?

Michael MonheitAttorney
(215) 840-6573Posted by Michael MonheitApril 18, 2011 10:06 AM

People who suffer from migraine headaches understand how big of an impact their occurrence can have on your lifestyle and ability and motivation to carry out daily tasks. Now, there are many treatments available to help mitigate the impact of migraine headaches and even to help prevent them from occurring. One of these drugs, Topamax, however, has been linked to birth defects for women who take the drug during pregnancy. This raises questions about what impact a pregnancy might have on migraines—or vice versa—and the treatment options available for pregnant women.

The good news for women who suffer from migraines and either are or are considering becoming pregnant, is that for millions of women, pregnancy can actually ease the migraine headache symptoms. Although researchers are not entirely sure what causes migraines, it is believed that the hormone estrogen does play a role, which is why during pregnancy many women experience a decrease in symptoms.


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