Struggling to cope with daily migraines

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Struggling to cope with daily migraines Empty Struggling to cope with daily migraines

Post by lauren.fb on Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:38 am

Hello everyone,

I came across this forum today and can’t tear myself away from it now! Thought I would post my story to see if anyone has any suggestions as where I should head next.

I have suffered from migraines with aura since the age of 10. I managed to work out when an attack was threatening due to pre-headache symptoms and therefore managed to control the number of full blown attacks I was experiencing. With age and this control the frequency of attacks decreased in recent years. Within the last two years I had been completely migraine free, until March this year. To cut a long story short I am now verging on having chronic migraine. I experience a headache daily with intermittent blurred vision, photophobia, nausea, pins and needles and numbness. As well as this I have full migraine attacks every couple of days with the same symptoms but with a severe one sided throbbing headache.

After seeing my GP and a neurologist numerous times I feel as though I am now running out of options. I have tried multiple medications including; OTC pain killers, diclofenac, sumatriptan, rizatriptan, amitriptyline, sodium valproate and venlafaxine; all of which have provided no relief. Symptoms are now worsening to the point where I can no longer cope and migraines are ruining my life! I am finding it extremely difficult to carry on with normal daily activities and find myself just lying around at home, trying to recover. This is seriously affecting my university course and therefore threatening to ruin my career. I’m beginning to feel extremely down and isolated and feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

I look forward to any replies I receive.


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Struggling to cope with daily migraines Empty Re: Struggling to cope with daily migraines

Post by pīwakawaka on Mon Sep 03, 2012 9:05 am

Hi lauren.fb and a very warm welcome to these forums. I get the feeling the medical profession itself is very confused about what migraines really are and how to deal with them. Knowledge seems to vary considerably from contry to country, and I would assume that due to the size of the U.S. it varies from state to state.

I understand how difficult it is to cope with a chronic condition - especially migraine, as others to not understand what the sufferer is going through. I learnt a long time ago that migraines were a part of my life and while I look forward to the day I might be free of it, I no longer desperately seek a cure. What it has taught me is to appreciate the good moments. And I do with enthusiasm.

Migraines may well change your life drastically, but they don't have to ruin it. I have been unable to work full time since 1999, and not at all for almost 5 years. I miss the socialisation work offered, but I now enjoy other endeavours - watching a sunrise can now make my heart soar in a way I could never imagine while I worked.

I have been prescribed practically every migraine medication available, but none have worked. Actually that's not strictly correct. One did work quite well at reducing the migraines, but the side effects were so bad that I couldn't continue taking them.

I have found these forums helpful as we all need a sympathetic and understanding ear from time to time. What better than the ears of fellow sufferers.

There will be light at the end of the tunnel. but it may not be what you expected (and by that I don't mean the headlight of an oncoming train). I wish you all the best.

"I didn't mind getting old when I was young. It's the being old now that's getting to me." - John Scalzi Old Man's War, 2005

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