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Have your migraines been diagnosed as related to histamine intolerance? Would you like a free trial of DAOSiN?

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Have your migraines been diagnosed as related to histamine intolerance? Would you like a free trial of DAOSiN? Empty Have your migraines been diagnosed as related to histamine intolerance? Would you like a free trial of DAOSiN?

Post by Tee on Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:29 am

In conjunction with Migraine Action - http://www.migraine.org.uk/

Migraines can be caused by food related histamine intolerance. The makers of DAOSiN, the only dietary food in the world capable of reducing histamine from food locally in the lower intestine, are offering you the opportunity to trial the product free of charge.*

All you have to do is send your name and address to info@daosin.co.uk quoting ‘MA offer’ and your free sample will be posted to you.

Histamine and intolerance
Histamine is a messenger that is produced by and found throughout the body and is also naturally present in many foodstuffs. Consumption of such foods is harmless, as the histamine they contain can be quickly broken down and processed by the enzyme DiAminoOxidase (DAO), which occurs in the body naturally. Histamine intolerance can derive from an imbalance of histamine and DAO in the body as ingested histamine is broken down significantly more slowly and accumulates within the body. Foods that ripen or are stored for longer periods of time show high levels of histamine and ranges of foods can act as so-called histamine liberators, releasing histamine inside the intestines. Examples include alcohol, including red wine, cheese, seafood, chocolate, raw meats and fruit.

About DAOSiN
DAOSiN is a unique hypoallergenic dietary food to degrade histamine from food locally in the lower intestine. DAOSiN was specially developed for people with low levels of DAO. Containing a protein extract containing DAO it supplements the natural occurrence of this enzyme in the body (but does not replace the need for a balanced diet or healthy lifestyle). By ingesting DAOSiN capsules before mealtimes, the amount of DAO in the small intestine and thus also the readiness for the breakdown of histamine, is increased.

DAOSiN facilitates the processing of irradiating histamine from food in the digestive tract. It has a purely local effect in the lower intestine and is not absorbed by the body. It is not intended for permanent use and should only be taken 20 minutes before histamine rich meals. It provides your body with the natural enzyme complex necessary for the degradation of excess histamine from food and clinical trials have shown the efficacy of DAOSiN: it can improve your well-being and can offer a way to let sufferers eat what they like. DAOSiN is currently only available in the UK online. To purchase or for more information please go to www.DAOSiN.co.uk.

[DAOSiN is the worldwide first dietary food supplement with the patented, biogenous enzyme DAO complex deriving from organic pig kidney extract].

Diagnosing histamine intolerance
Histamine intolerance can have a varied spectrum of symptoms. Your doctor can look for distinctive symptoms and troubles and whether they occur after ingestion of histamine rich foods. If a histamine intolerance is suspected, the activity of the histamine degrading enzyme DAO in the blood can be measured using the D-Hit diagnostic kit. For further information consult an allergist or allergy clinic. A special diet low in histamines can also tell you whether you are suffering from histamine intolerance. This diet should be recommended by a doctor who specialises in intolerances or allergies or a registered dietician. In case of a genuine histamine intolerance the symptoms will cease rapidly. By using DAOSiN prior to a meal, if the usual symptoms fail to appear, the patient can be assumed to be suffering from a genuine histamine intolerance.

*Two capsules and information leaflet

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