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Blamed everything!!

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Blamed everything!! Empty Blamed everything!!

Post by Sheena Hulston on Wed May 04, 2011 12:10 am

I've blamed the weather and a cold,
The weather has cleared up and the cold has missed me I've taken Dosulepin for 2 nights so its not lack of "a good nights sleep" so it looks like i'm just getting a break through Again!!! I really thought Flunarazine was going to be a long term help but the migraines are increasing again.
Got to email Dr S next week so will send a copy of my diary to show him the increase. Can you go higher than 10mg?
No matter what I take the migraines take over after a few months !! Maybe I should go back to some of the old ones like Gabapentin! Dr S said I may come off Topamax but I don't think so now!
Just having a rant really wish something would work long term even for a year would be good! Has anyone had anything work "long term"?
A very sore sad upset Sheena Rolling Eyes
Sheena Hulston
Sheena Hulston

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Blamed everything!! Empty Re: Blamed everything!!

Post by Tee on Wed May 04, 2011 12:47 am

Oh sore sad upset Sheena - I wish I had a magic wand................
Fluarazine was the one that gave me long term help - but I only got to 10mg - not sure if you can go higher - but ask Dr S - email him today, there is no need to wait a week. He is a lovely man and will get back to you.

Big BIg BIG hugs.

Tee x

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Blamed everything!! Empty Re: Blamed everything!!

Post by Kala on Wed May 04, 2011 5:10 am

Hi Sheena,

I'm sorry you're having break through attacks. I know 10mg is normally the top dose of Flunarazine but I know that it was mentioned to me quite a long time ago about the possibility of going higher. I think really it depends on your circumstances, for example, how well you're tolerating the drug, what other options may be available, etc.

I hope Dr S is able to come up with the answer for you and very soon.



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Blamed everything!! Empty Re: Blamed everything!!

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