Let's see your pets!

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Let's see your pets!

Post by Sarah on Sat Apr 21, 2012 9:02 pm

Hope the photos won't be too big! Here are my current pets.

Cassie the guinea pig, who lives indoors. She is the last of a trio, but the vet has said she's not allowed any more friends. I don't think I'll have her much longer, as she's getting an old lady. Crying or Very sad

Boris the hamster, who is also on his last legs:

I also have a dwarf hamster, Fluff ( Embarassed ), but she is really difficult to photograph!

I've had lots of other animals previously (rabbits, mice etc), but I have to keep the numbers down to ensure I'm fit enough to look after them.

Looking forward to seeing your furry friends. Smile

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Re: Let's see your pets!

Post by Nekoha on Sat Apr 21, 2012 9:42 pm

Boris and Cassie are so cute!! I bet Fluff is, too!
I had hamsters, gerbils, and rabbits as a kid. Rabbits were my favorite small animal. We lived way out in the country, and had a big hutch with our pet rabbits in it. The gerbils and hamsters lived inside with us, but they were actually more my older brother's pets than mine.
I am an affirmed cat lover, through and through. I have two kitties now, but there has never been any time in my life without a cat. We had to leave our two kitties in the States for the first 2 years we lived in Japan, but we brought them over here about 2 years ago.
I feel that having pets really makes my life better. When I have my darkest days, I look at my babies and know there is a reason to keep fighting!
I'll post pictures later, when I am on my other computer. Just wanted to say "Great thread" and "Cute furbabies!!"


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Re: Let's see your pets!

Post by pīwakawaka on Sat Apr 21, 2012 10:49 pm

I miss having a pet around. My wife isn't keen on animals inside the house and I can't see the point in having a pet if it can't be with me in doors.

I know that when I have migraines and there are cats or dogs nearby, they almost always come close to me and keep me company. I've also noticed that when the migraines muddle my mind, I much prefer the company of animals to people. They don't seem to become patronising, condescending or irritated by my behaviour. Animals don't tend to put any expectations on you - they just accept you for what you are. I really appreciate that during the more unpleasant phases of a migraine.

"I didn't mind getting old when I was young. It's the being old now that's getting to me." - John Scalzi Old Man's War, 2005

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Re: Let's see your pets!

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