How does the doctor treat his Migraine....

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How does the doctor treat his Migraine....

Post by Tee on Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:45 am

TREATMENT: Drink two litres of water.

Dr Andrew Dowson, chairman of Migraine Action's Medical Advisory Board and director of headache services at London's King's College Hospital, says: "I was on a bus when I started to have my migraine symptoms – feeling seasick and suffering with light sensitivity.

"So I got off and bought a bottle of water. I drank two litres in five to ten minutes then walked the last couple of miles to my destination. I find drinking a large volume of fluid will often ward off an attack.

"Migraines often occur after stress is released or because of changes in the balance of your life.

"Try to have a sensible work life, make sure you don't get dehydrated or miss meals and sleep regularly."

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