A Sleep Gene Has A Surprising Role In Migraines

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A Sleep Gene Has A Surprising Role In Migraines

Post by Laura on Sat May 04, 2013 2:43 am

Disruptions in sleep patterns are a huge trigger for me, and sleep is pretty much the only cure. But not too much sleep or it will make it worse. Seems like there may be a genetic reason for that.

A Sleep Gene Has A Surprising Role In Migraines by John Hamilton
"Mutations on a single gene appear to increase the risk for both an unusual sleep disorder and migraines, a team reports in Science Translational Medicine.

The finding could help explain the links between sleep problems and migraines. It also should make it easier to find new drugs to treat migraines, researchers say."

"The results also serve as a reminder that there is a lot more to a migraine than headache and pain, Charles says. He says the study represents "another step toward bringing migraine forward as a disorder of the brain and a disorder for which there's a genetic basis."


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