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Post by Broadhoj on Fri Mar 23, 2012 9:10 am

Does anyone suffer from excruciating joint pain before during or after their migraines and, if so, can anyone explain why?
I have consistently developed severe wrist pain (at the top where your watch face would rest) between 24 and 48hrs after I've had the classic migraine pain. The migraine pain is, thankfully, excruciating but easily dealt with and lasts only an hour once I've taken soemthing as simple as aspirin. All the other symptoms and aura I can understand (as much as anyone 'understands' migraines) but this wrist pain is flumoxing me. It is so bad I am unable to use my hand unless it is very well braced and has been picked up by the kids I teach as a sign that I've been ill. To quote one student 'stop stressing her out or she'll go all wonky, she'll wear that wrist thing then leave us to the cover teachers again!' Gotta love kids.
So. any thoughts? Question


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Post by Tee on Fri Mar 23, 2012 9:50 pm

hmmmm - I ache a bit when I am under attack but not excruiating BUT when I was Topamax and to some extent Eplim - I would get lot of pain in my wrists and was even taken to A&E once as I had a bubble come up in my vein.....but I remeber wearing bandages during this time..... its interesting you saying it goes down when you take Aspirin - as that is given to thin blood........... have you had your blood thickness checked????

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Post by Dr Pav Khaira on Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:51 pm

It's likely to be hypersensitisation. Which means during your migraine, your brain is 'more aware' of the impulses sent to it.

The odd thing is that we don't know why, and we also don't know why certain areas have heightened sensation than others.

It's jut normal for you!

I've got an incredible story about what my team and I are doing to help my sister who is having al sorts of problems. That's all I want to say at the moment but will let you all know what we've done for her once she's better. What is happening for her is just phenomenal!!
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pain - Joint pain Empty Re: Joint pain

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