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My Son has been diagnoised as hemi-plegic migraine

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My Son has been diagnoised as hemi-plegic migraine Empty My Son has been diagnoised as hemi-plegic migraine

Post by Smudge on Fri Mar 16, 2012 2:10 am

Hello im new to this site... where to begin well first of all i suffer with migraines as well as my daughter and my sister but i never thought that my 9 year old son would suffer with them until 4 weeks ago when he had a really bad do at school and could not walk i took him to the doctors who at the time diagnosed him with labrynthitis he was sent home with me with patches he then went on to have another attack and then he had 2 more it was then that i decided to take him to my local hospital where he was immediately admitted he was paralysised for a week and we had the mra scans done at Alder Hey and there was nothing untoward that showed up on them so he was diagnoised as a hemi-plegic migraine sufferer he was put on 2 tablets of pozitifen at night and we were sent home since coming home we have had 3 more attacks and have been back to see the consultant on Monday he has now put him on the maximum dosage he can have at 3 tablets wich is 2 at night and 1 in the morning im finding him to be extremely tired and constantly eating and moody im finding it difficult at the moment and am scared (it may seem horrible to say) of taking him out as when he has an attack he just goes and because his left side is paralysed i have a struggle to get him to his feet i have also noticed that the past 3 attacks his speech is going and take a good few hours before it is back to normal, The local hospital Leighton have told me not to bring him in as he would be taking a bed i feel as though they dont seem to be able to tell me much about anything other than if this drug he is on doesnt work we have others we can try on him (great he aint a guinea pig) hope some one can help me with anything that they know about this condition Many thanks Very Happy


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My Son has been diagnoised as hemi-plegic migraine Empty Re: My Son has been diagnoised as hemi-plegic migraine

Post by Tee on Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:09 pm

Hello and welcome Smile

I am so sorry to read your son has this - its a horrid illness....

Have they given you a consultant to work with? You need to be seeing a migraine neurologist - there are lots of meds out there, but some have horrid side effects.

I would advise trying to work out the triggers and putting a management plan in place. Migraine is triggered - here is a list of potential triggers - he will not have all of them, but it will give you something to work from.


Keeping a diary will help with this?


In kids look at food and environment first..... wat was he doing and eating when the last attacks started.

You might find this helpful too as it details all the stages of an attack - you might be able to start to spot one coming....


Tee x

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