Migraines are both stressful and debilitating

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Migraines are both stressful and debilitating Empty Migraines are both stressful and debilitating

Post by Tee on Mon Nov 21, 2011 8:36 pm

11:58 PM, Nov. 19, 2011
Written by Kathleen Duffy | Gannett News Service

Waking up with a throbbing headache is frustrating, stressful, and, for some people, completely debilitating. While sufferers can tend to manage tension-type headaches on their own, migraines are a different story.

When a migraine strikes, life can come to a sudden stop.

“The best way I can describe a migraine is feeling like you have brain freeze and the flu all at once,” said Alene Brennan, a 32-year-old certified health coach and yoga instructor in Mount Laurel, N.J. “It feels like a constant brain freeze and the flu in the sense that you don't even have the energy to pick your head up off the pillow.

“They are definitely more than just a headache that you get after a stressful meeting,” she added.


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