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Re JHeath Private email response. Empty Re JHeath Private email response.

Post by whitzendJane on Thu Sep 08, 2011 5:30 am

I received you email but cannot reply via the forum PM system as you are not currently a member.

I cannot answer your query regarding statins but if you ask your pharmacist or GP they will be able to advise you..or it my be helpful to look at the patient info leaflet supplied with the statins.

I am pleased the pain killers help but would advise you not to take these too frequently as it will exacerbate your problems and can lead to medication over use induced headache...there are topics on this on the forum.

If you are having more than 15 migraines per month you may want to be ask to be referred to a headache specialist neurologist. If they are less frequent but regular then maybe an abortive drug such as a triptan may be beneficial..speak to your GP and they will advise.
I hope this help.

Kind regards

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