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Migraine in schools Empty Migraine in schools

Post by Tee on Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:24 am

Children of any age can develop migraine and it is thought that 2% of 5 year olds have migraine. This number significantly rises when children enter puberty as 18% of 13-14 year olds have migraine.

The Migraine Trust is interested to hear from young people or parents of children or young people about their experiences of managing their migraines in schools.

We would particularly like to hear from you if:

Your/your child’s school has taken a positive approach to supporting your/your child’s migraines in school.

Your/your child’s school has good policies in relation to medication and health conditions which have enabled you/your child to manage your/your child’s migraines in school.

You/your child have experienced difficulties in receiving adequate support and understanding of your/your child’s migraines in schools e.g. unable to store medication in school, lack of support to catch up on missed work, unable to attend trips or activities by the school, ‘informal’ exclusion due to your/your child’s migraines.

You/your child feel that the school may have discriminated against you/your child due to your/your child’s migraines.


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