Shared pain bracelet - what do you think?

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pain - Shared pain bracelet - what do you think? Empty Shared pain bracelet - what do you think?

Post by Tee on Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:09 am

The person with chronic pain can wear the bracelet, and the bracelet actually shows the level of pain that the person is dealing with. No, it’s not reading your mind, you do have to set it.

What do you think? Would you like to sometimes be able to have a silent testimony to your invisible pain?

But there’s more – you can also give a friend an "empathy bracelet". It can pick up signals from the first bracelet, and it shows the same level of pain as a reminder to your friend. Then they can empathize – or perhaps pray, or babysit the kids, or whatever.

I would love to hear your thoughts – and the designer would too! So feel free to leave a comment here, and there, at the blog of the designer (who hails from Albany, CA, USA).

And there’s more – she’s also looking for people who would be willing to participate in a trial of the Shared Pain Bands (a simplified version, not the electronic version… just to see how the idea works).

More details

How would it work?

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