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Post by kriskin on Wed Sep 25, 2013 10:30 am

hi im steve 57 i have been a sufferer of bad headaches daily until dec 2008 i walked home from my mothers which was about 200 yards went out side  leaning on my front gate then my left bum cheek became numb and worked up my body this was over in a matter of 3mins dident think much of it untill 2 weeks later the same happend again only worse numbness down one side slurred speach dident know where i was dident know my name wife rang hospital saying id had a tia or stroke had cat scan all clear fluid from spine found nothing can remember being very sick and a very bad headache after wards  i was released next day as i was fine 2 weeks later same thing happened numbness one side then it went to the numbness went to my right side hospital again had tests nothing they booked mri saw senior doctor when on her rounds and she told me i dident have a stroke it was due to my migrain because i had numbness on both sides. i was admitted to hospital 3 time in dec 2008 medication they gave me was imigran50 i also take amitriptyline 10 mg for my headaches. which have worked wonders i have no more headaches just very mild ones not very often


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Post by pīwakawaka on Fri Sep 27, 2013 9:22 am

I'm very familiar with migraines that have stroke-like symptoms. Have them quite regularly. Slurred speech, staggering, not knowing who or where I am. Then after the attack having little or no memory of the incident.

These days I usually get a sort of premonition that I'm about to get one of these attacks a day or so before. I really can't explain what the premonition is. Just a sort of "out of it" sensation. I avoid leaving home at such times as there's nothing worse than finding yourself in hospital with all the noise and lights. Pure torture!

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