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Post by dot on Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:57 pm

I've had migraines for about 15ys. It always started with an aura followed by a headache and sometimes vomiting.
For the last two times I was outside in the nature when it started. First I had a hard time focusing on the faces of my friends (or any other details), then aura expanded. And this is where the magical part starts: When I noticed, I first drank some water. Then, with the growing aura, I nevertheless continued walking uphill and breathing very rhytmically, watching only one step ahead, thinking or worrying about nothing. After about half an hour the aura subsided... and that was all! No headache, nothing! I felt so strong and happy.
The same happened yesterday. So I guess it's no coincidence.
But it's probably necessary to go out and breath with the very first signs of migraine. (In my case it was a strenuous kind of uphill walk where you breath deep and fast.)
I don't know what helped the most - probably everything. The fresh air, keeping the blood circulating and relaxed mind turned the migraine off before it had time to blossom.
I'm not afraid when the migraine might knock me out anymore. Having discovered that I need nothing else, I feel very comfortable and relaxed Smile Try it!


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Post by Sarah on Sun Nov 04, 2012 10:41 pm

How interesting! I wonder if it was the oxygen intake. Here's hoping it keeps working for you. What a discovery! Smile

Funnily enough, I once had an aura start when I was out round the shops. After the initial terror, I decided to just walk around outside and see what happens/try to relax etc, and the head pain never materialised.

Sadly, most of my migraines don't have auras!

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Post by robbo on Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:37 am

well been a while since ive posted in here. after lots of various pills and tribulations , my dr lifted my heart pills bisoprazole and felodopine and i havnt had much bother at all. the felodopine was to prevent my artries spasaming. i wonder now was the apart of my issues. i know there is one in the back of your head .. so i wonder was it spasaming away and now its under control ... or did the consultant screw it up yet again and go up the wrong path completely. my gp thinks so ..

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