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Post by lissah on Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:21 am

since losing my job the beginning of august this year the frequency and intensity of my migraines have been so much better. but not finding a job and fighting to get my unemployment have put my family in a really bad place. facing eviction, facing putting my master's degree on hold, and pretty much losing everything to the point we may have to live out of our car the stress is building up. had an interview today then a fight with my husband (we got married aug 3 after being together for nearly 4 years), then my pelvic floor started it muscle spasms severely. i laid down with a headache and the pelvic floor pain, took a short nap, and woke with one of the worst migraines i have had since being off work.

no support or understanding about my migraines at home makes coping with them so hard. right now the migraine is so bad i just want to find the coolest, darkest, and isolated place possible (in my house, that place doesn't exist). my head feels like it is swollen, the sharp pains on the right side of my head are excruciating, and one weird sensation i have not had before is my eyes are burning. i keep smelling metal, i hate that smell of metal, hard to explain what it is but it irritates my nose so bad.

at this moment i wish i had a new head so i don't have to deal with migraines anymore. i want to just throw up my hands and say forget it all. forget my dreams, my goals, everything. i am so frustrated!!

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frustration Empty Re: frustration

Post by Lesley anne on Thu Sep 20, 2012 8:40 am

Sorry your feeling so bad, thinking of u n hope something good to make u smile n stress free comes along soon!!!

Lesley anne

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frustration Empty Re: frustration

Post by Sarah on Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:00 am

I can only say I'm sorry and know how you feel. Sad You could really do without the financial issues. Have you received any advice on that?

I have long struggled with the issue of goals and dreams, and not wanting to let the migraines 'win'. In some ways I think I've come to terms with the fact that I need smaller goals. It's really tough though, so I feel for you so much.


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frustration Empty Re: frustration

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