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UK Migraine Awareness Week - 2nd Sep - 8th Sep

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UK Migraine Awareness Week - 2nd Sep - 8th Sep Empty UK Migraine Awareness Week - 2nd Sep - 8th Sep

Post by Tee Mon Sep 03, 2012 9:50 pm

As many of you know UK Awareness week is under way... I have decided to do a Back to Basics serious of blogs to help educate those out there about how debilitating migraines truly are...

.........one of the ways to get the message out is to use social media and everyone can help do that.......... I will upload general information everyday on the blog, on Facebook & Twitter - so you can just click a button and share......... most of you know all this stuff ... but it is the general public which needs to understand more.......... If you have any ideas of blog topics do let me know.

Thank you

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