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Sports and exercise Empty Sports and exercise

Post by sarlyka on Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:12 am

I was wondering if anyone manages any regular sports or exercise. I used to be quite active: rock climbing, kayaking, lots of hill walking etc. Since my migraines became chronic, along with all my neck and shoulder problems, I've had to give up just about everything, even gardening. I now manage the occasional 'gentle' walk but it requires a lot of preparation: medication, planning a circular route that remains relatively near the car, checking where the nearest A & E is (just in case) and so on. Then, of course, we may have to cancel all our plans at the last minute if I wake up with a migraine. So I've gone from being very active to being incredibly inactive and I'm sure this can't be good for my general health.

I have looked into disability sports but, because the weakness is in my arms and shoulders rather than my legs, I can't find anything suitable. I'd be grateful for any suggestions Smile


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Sports and exercise Empty Re: Sports and exercise

Post by Tee on Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:57 am

Take it easy sweetie - I was very active and even ran for my county at one point........ when I was hit hard I had days when I had to crawl up the stairs... so a gentle walk is fine for now......... the trick with this is not to push it - when you feel a slight wobble or pain STOP - do not push through it - you cannot with migraine...

Once you feel a bit stronger - swimming maybe an option or something very gentle like Yoga xx

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