Maximot Classic - mineral drink - anyone tried it?

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Maximot Classic - mineral drink - anyone tried it?

Post by Tee on Fri Nov 25, 2011 6:34 am

I have just had an interesting conversation with a neighbour (my story hit the local press today, so no hiding now lol) but she is a former nurse and now alternative practitioner.

But she mentioned this mineral drink and that it has helped many of her friends... I am interested as it has a lot of the mineral supplements some of us are now trying - but I wondered if anyone else had tried this or had any thoughts on this?

It contains

Ingredients Include Per Serving %RDA
Vitamin C 54 mg 90%
Vitamin B6 1mg 50%
Folate 144 mcg 72%
Vitamin B12 2mcg 200%
Biotin 0.3mg 200%
Magnesium 160mg 53%
Iodine 92 mcg 61%
Selenium 81 mcg ----
Copper 100mcg ----
Manganese 1.2 mg ----
Chromium 84 mcg ----
Molybdenum 95 mcg ----


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Re: Maximot Classic - mineral drink - anyone tried it?

Post by Sarah on Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:57 am

I'm not convinced, to be honest... Mixing minerals together that compete with each other isn't a great idea for absorption (I used to do this before I realised). Also, copper is included, but no zinc (its antagonist). Given that many of us have high copper diets, and also absorb copper from other sources, like water from copper pipes, chlorine from swimming pools etc, it doesn't seem a good thing to be supplementing unless necessary.

Obviously I'd be interested to hear of anyone who has had success with it though!

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