Hypnotist helps migraine sufferer find relief

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Hypnotist helps migraine sufferer find relief

Post by Tee on Sun Oct 23, 2011 7:50 am

11:14 AM, Oct 21, 2011 | comments

PHILADELPHIA (NBC) -- Artist Ami Badami makes a living painting beauty and serenity but she says there's nothing pretty about her migraines.

Hypnosis is helping Badami control her pain and she says no one is more surprised than she is.

Her friend, hypnotist Bryan Toder convinced her to give it a try.

Toder insists headache sufferers see a medical doctor first.

He starts with a session of classic hypnosis, sending clients home with a relaxation CD.

Listening to a relaxation tape also helps keep Badami's headaches in check.

Neurologist Stephen Silberstein is arguably one of the top headache specialists in the country.

"We don't have good scientific evidence that hypnosis per se works," said Silberstein. "But we have good scientific evidence that other techniques similar to hypnosis work in preventing migraine."

Like biofeedback, a technique where people are trained to control involuntary body functions with the use of electrical sensors.


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Re: Hypnotist helps migraine sufferer find relief

Post by fron on Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:07 pm

Hypnotherapy is only likely to help if your migraines are triggered by stress. If so, then let's be honest, it is just relaxation you need.
I know this sounds wonderful, but it really is not that simple.

If tempted, find a good analytical hypnotherapist who will give you a free first session. It could be a waste of money, and worse, hope..

But we have to travel hopefully I guess...


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