The Royal College of General Practitioners and Headache UK have launched guidance

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The Royal College of General Practitioners and Headache UK have launched guidance

Post by Tee on Sun Oct 23, 2011 7:20 am

Ingrid Torjesen

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Royal College of General Practitioners and Headache UK have launched guidance to help schools, teachers and parents identify children affected by migraine and headache to ensure that they receive the appropriate attention and care that they need.

Migraine and headache have a significant impact on the home and school life of one in ten children - yet the problem often goes unrecognised and is inadequately treated.

School Policy Guidelines for Students with Migraine and Troublesome Headache highlights the impact of the conditions on the wellbeing and academic performance of individual pupils. It provides advice on identifying the causes of the problem, tips on reducing the impact of migraine and headache, and easy-to-follow treatments. Schools are also provided with a series of sample policies, letters and documents that they can adapt and issue to parents and students.

Dr David Kernick, RCGP clinical champion for headache and author of the policy, said: “Most students will experience headache at some point, and for some, the impact on their school work and life at home can be significant.”

Population-based studies have shown that children with migraine can miss up to 82 days of school per year and Dr Kernick said that on average children miss seven days of school a year because of headache and at other times the effects will make it harder for them to concentrate.

“Yet for a number of reasons most school-age headache sufferers do not seek medical help, even when their problem is severe,” he said. “It is already common for schools to address the needs of students with asthma, diabetes, epilepsy and allergies. We hope that the new guidelines will help foster a better understanding of headaches, and improve communication between schools, GPs and parents.

“Schools can play a key role in identifying the problem and encouraging pupils and their parents to seek help from their GP. Having a simple school policy in place should really help improve both the school and home life of many pupils.”

Here are the guidelines

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Re: The Royal College of General Practitioners and Headache UK have launched guidance

Post by whatgoes? on Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:46 pm

This is amazing! I am unsure if American school policies have changed much since my youngest of 4 graduated 13 years ago. However I had 2 children who suffered with migraine headaches and another child who developed mono teice due to a delicate system and self pressured to get superior grades. At that time the schools were unforgiving of abscentee days and doctors were not very astute to the needs of young migrainessuffers. I rather doubt things are much different in the schools today having listened to the difficulties some family and friends are dealing with regarding thei child's health issues. Hopefully the internet is enlightening the schools, medical world and parents a like to the needs of children with all but especiallly difficult medical needs. I fear on their part it is often the old square peg in the round hole philosophy. We are each so different and special in our unique way. These old fashioned views are holding us back back, during an era of internet capabilites of reaching out to helping everyone. They need to step up and use the gifted inventions of the day and stp perscecuting the individual who is uniquly different from ofthers unlike production line made doll babies. I hope all of us will push harder to see that our schools better address these needs, especially since we here know migraines and what our youth are suffering through, often with no medical (medication) intevention.
UExcellent article Tee, thanks posting.


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