Challenging Migraine July 2011 newsletter now available online!

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Challenging Migraine July 2011 newsletter now available online!

Post by Tee on Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:38 am

The latest issue of our quarterly newsletter, Challenging Migraine, is now available online and includes the following articles:

Hormonal aspects of migraine: this 4 page supplement looks how women are affected by hormones and how they may relate to their migraine.

Migraine and jaw tension: looks at how migraine can be triggered by problems with the teeth and jaw.
Latest treatment news: the treatment of migraine through hypnosis.

Migraine and hypnic headache: providing an insight into how this unusual headache occurs.
Gelstat - a homeopathic treatment for migraine: information on its effectiveness and unique application, along with a free prize draw.

Current research: new research looks at how migraine surgery which deactivates trigger points can offer long-term relief.

Living with migraine: more feedback from our members on their migraine experiences including an article on aluminium intolerance and the ups and downs of undergoing detox

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