Twins, 14, cured of mystery illness after doctors sequence their entire genetic code to find the cause

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Twins, 14, cured of mystery illness after doctors sequence their entire genetic code to find the cause

Post by Tee on Fri Jun 17, 2011 7:36 pm

This is not about migraine - BUT it mentions serotonin and the use of 5 HTP. Since thy recently found those 3 migraine genes - maybe genetic testing will help us in the furture?


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Teenagers' mother refused to accept cerebral palsy diagnosis

When doctors told Retta Beery her twins Noah and Alexis had cerebral palsy 13 years ago, she was not convinced by the diagnosis.

Their strange collection of symptoms included breathing problems, vomiting and involuntary spasms, and left Alexis unable to walk and close to death.

They finally found the true cause – and a cure – after the youngsters both had their whole genome sequenced. It turned up a defect that caused a deficiency in two brain chemicals.

DNA cure: Alexis and Noah Beery seen here with their parents next to a gene sequencer in the research lab where their entire genetic code was studied

Doctors gave them dopamine and serotonin-inducing supplements and now both teenagers from San Diego, California, are thriving. Alexis is even winning track races at school.

'If you saw them today, you'd say there was nothing wrong with them,' said Dr Matthew Bainbridge of Baylor Genome Sequencing Center in Texas, whose research appears in the journal Science Translational Medicine.
It is one of the first examples where mapping a person’s genetic code has led to improved health and shows the potential of personalised treatment.

Genetic 'green light' could lead to a cure for hundreds of ills

Whole genome sequencing technology allows researchers to read all the little bits of code that are the building blocks of DNA, which determine how we are made and what we look like.

But at a cost of £6,000 to £12,000 per patient, the technology is still out of reach for most people.

Retta and her husband Joe realised there was something wrong with their twins soon after they were born.

They cried nonstop, vomited and suffered frequent tremors, had poor muscle tone and missed developmental milestones set by their older brother Zach.

Back on the running track: Alexis and Noah Beery suffered from muscle weakness and spasms. They were finally diagnosed and cured when doctors found the answer in their DNA

Mrs Beery took them to dozens of specialist who took blood samples and brain scans. When the twins were two doctors concluded that cerebral palsy explained their movement problems.

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